Backpacker balun kit

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Balun kits are €34.99 each, and shipping is €2.00 per order.  The “cart” button will link to PayPal for payment.

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Backpacker balun kit

These small, lightweight baluns are perfect for field/portable antenna deployments.  The kits are simple to assemble, and can be configured to provide your choice of a 1:1, 4:1, or 9:1 impedance ratio.  The dual-core design assures low loss and wide bandwidth.  These baluns are easily capable of handling 25 watts SSB and 15 watts CW when terminated with a good feedpoint match, and are optimized for use on the 40-10 meter bands.  Weight is 1.7 oz (48g).  The kit includes a pre-drilled Hammond enclosure., balun cores, wire, and gold-plated binding posts.  A phono (RCA) jack mounts in the enclosure, and a RCA-BNC adapter is included with each order.


Backpacker Balun Kit manual

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    very cool kit – thx for support

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